Note of the Joint Employability, Health and Social Care Forum

Created: 22/06/2017

Fife Voluntary Action welcomed 70 attendees from across sectors to the Joint Employability, Health and Social Care Forum on Wednesday 08 February 2017.

This Forum brought together the ‘Fife Employability Forum’ and the ‘Third Sector Health and Social Care Forum’ both of which FVA facilitate and organise.

The aim of the Forum was to improve understanding in Fife of the co-relationship between health and employment outcomes.


Note of the Joint Forum

Summary of Discussions


Decent Work for Scotland's Low-Paid Workers: A job to be done, Francis Stuart, Research and Policy Advisers, Oxfam Scotland

Fife Health and Wellbeing Alliance: The connection between health inequalities and employment, Gill Musk, Policy Officer, Fife Council and Jo-Anne Valentine, Public Health Manager, NHS Fife

Workplace Team, Alan Gow, Regional OHS Adviser, Workplace Team, Health Promotion, Fife Health & Social Care Partnership

DWP Work & Health Unit Update and Green Paper Consultation, Adrian Martin, Work & Health Unit, DWP

Fife Economy Strategy  - new mental health employability target, Robin Presswood, Head of Service, Fife Council

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