Fundraising Guidance for Charity Trustees

OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator) has just published new Fundraising Guidance for Charity Trustees.

This is a relatively brief PDF file with links to further reading and additional support throughout.

It includes:

1. Introduction
What this guidance covers
What this guidance doesn’t cover
Who this guidance is for?
How to use the guidance
Sources of help and advice

2. Self-regulation and OSCR’s role
Self-regulation – legal responsibilities and best practice
OSCR’s role – statutory regulation
Other laws
Sources of help and advice

3. Charity Trustee duties and fundraising
Acting in the interests of the charity
Acting with care and diligence
Complying with the 2005 Act
Breach of charity trustee duties and misconduct
Sources of help and advice

4. Fundraising with third party organisations
Fundraising agreements
Information given to donors
Sources of help and advice

5. Public collections and exempt promoters
Public charitable collections
The Exempt Promoter Scheme
Sources of help and advice

From Fife Voluntary Action Bulletin 01 March 2018 Opens a MS Word document containing information and links