New CPT Mobility Scooter Code - second part

The Mobility Scooter Leaflet (pdf) above is in image format and is not suitable for screen readers so I have taken the text from the images and have copied them below CPT Code

The acceptance of mobility scooters on low floor buses adapted to carry wheelchairs must be included in any disability awareness training course delivered as part of Driver CPC.

Drivers should be:

  • advised of the permit system and the assessment process that each mobility scooter has gone through before being issued with a permit to enable them to use the mobility scooter on low floor buses.
  • advised of the technical capabilities of "Class 2"mobility scooters and which ones are acceptable for use on the vehicle.
  • issued with a handy "recognition guide" showing the common types of accepted "Class 2" scooters. and the prohibited "Class 3" designs.
  • reminded of the importance of parking the vehicle at bus stops parallel and close to the kerb to enable the safe use of the vehicle ramp.
  • trained in a safe system of work for safely deploying and stowage of the vehicle ramp.
  • advised of the emergency procedures to be adopted in the event of the customer getting into difficulties whilst trying to board or alight from the vehicle.
  • reminded of the code of conduct regulations which states they should ask customers occupying the wheelchair and buggy space to move if a wheelchair user. mobility scooter or buggy user wishes to board and occupy this space.
  • reminded to advise customers before they board with a mobility scooter, that they must approach the ramp head on when boarding or alighting to eliminate the risk of tipping.

Note: users of wheelchairs which conform to the standard
reference size will continue to be carried on suitable low-floor
vehicles subject to the designated space being available.