My GP told the DVLA that I have Neglect syndrome by mistake by ticking the wrong box

Hi. Has anyone heard of Neglect syndrome? Because according to the dvla I have it. My driving licence is up for renewal and they sent my GP a medical Form to fill in about me and the Doctor who filled it in clicked the Neglect syndrome box. So I got a letter from the dvla telling me not to drive due to this condition a couple of days ago. I have tried for the last couple of days to get an appointment with the Doctor that the letter was sent to, and what a shock I got one this morning. 3 weeks ago I tried to get an appointment for 2 weeks with no success.

Anyway I was told by the named Doctor that she hadn't filled in the Form and that she couldn't find anything relating the syndrome in my notes. Later I got an apology from the Doctor that had filled out the dvla Form apologising for his mistake and that he had been in touch with the dvla to correct his mistake.

I phoned up the dvla after lunch and was told that the Doctor had said that he would fax the letter to them but due to it being Friday it would not be looked at and actioned until sometime next week.
Neglect syndrome is a condition affecting the visual part of the brain at the back of the head.