Well that's my driving license away again!!!! Update

Well...... I phoned up the DVLA this morning to find out why they thought that I had not made an appointment or attendant said appointment with a GP at my Medical Practice (Cowdenbeath Medical Practice) for my DVLA Medical.

I explained that I had attended an appointment on the 19th of October at 5pm with a Dr Randall. I explained about the Dr saying that he couldn`t complete the DVLA medical forms until he received my Doctor`s note from my old practice and that my wife and I had had our Flu jags on the 25th October by the same Dr Randall and he told me that he was going to complete the forms soon.

I was told that they had phoned up the Cowdenbeath Medical Practice on the 1st of November and had been told that they had no record of my attending an appointment with them.

Cowdenbeath Medical Practice

My daughter went with me to the Cowdenbeath Medical Practice to speak to the Practice Manager but we were told that the Practice Manager was on holiday so we spoke to the Duty Practice Manager.

She said she would look into it but said that she thinks it wasn`t possible for any of the staff to get it wrong since when my name etc. were put into their computer all my details would come up.

She phoned me back a little later saying that she could find no trace of the DVLA having called the Practice and that my having attended the appointment on the 19th of Oct was in my records. She also said that she had spoken to Dr Randall and he had told her that he was still waiting on my Doctors notes from my previous Doctors practice coming through to their practice. He said that he need the records because part of the DVLA medical form asked if I had had any significant relapses in the last 3 years so he couldn`t continue until he had that information.

She also said that she had phoned up the DVLA to find out who they had spoken to at the Practice since they had no record of the call. She said that they didn`t know who they spoke to.


I phoned up the DVLA again after the phone call from the Cowdenbeath Medical Practice to find out what happens next. I was told that due to what I had told them on the phone earlier the information had already been passed onto the dept. that deals with reinstating or not Driving License, and due the phone call from the Cowdenbeath Medical Practice it should only take a few days at the earliest to get my Driving License reinstated (at least until they get the medical Form from the GP, and depending on what’s in it whether I get my Driving License back for another 3 years).

I said that I would check on their website to find out if I could drive but he said that I would be better phoning them up since it can take between 24 to 48 hours for any decision to be put on the website.


Robert A Hunter