Road signs blocking pavements 16-11-2016

Auchterderran Road Road signs on the pavement

Hi there

I was out on my mobility scooter at the start of the week and I had same problems using pavements but being able to due to road signs that should have been on the road where there was plenty of room but where placed on the pavement. I know the signs are only there for the length of time of the road works but that doesn`t help the people who are wanting to use the pavement “now”.

I have attached 2 photos of the obstacle’s  in Auchterderran Road and along Lumphinnans Road/ Robert Smith Court. On the day I tried to go along Lumphinnans Road and since I already knew that I couldn`t access the South side pavement and now I found I couldn`t access the North side meant I could no longer go to Cowdenbeath.

I should say my scooter is a class 3 scooter which allows the user to legal use any road but for a Motorway when the scooter is set at the Hi setting, but if you have the scooter set at the low setting the scooter can  legal use a pavement, so if I had wanted to I could have used the road to go to Cowdenbeath, but I have found that Lumphinnans Road can be a very busy and I don`t feel safe using such a busy road.

I see vehicle users and others thinking they can park or leave their items on pavements with no consideration to other that wish to access the pavement,  and they get away with it.

Robert A Hunter