Pelican Healthcare Platinum Contour Drainable 220415 Problem

I have been using Pelican Healthcare Platinum Contour Drainable 220415 for a few years now and up to recently I have found that they work really well. I think it must have been maybe about 6 month or so ago I started having problems with the seal around where the bag connects to the face-plate.

The seal might look fine but after wearing the bag for a few hours (anything from a few hours to around 24 hours). I have found that I notice at around 12 hours into putting it on I start noticing a smell and then I check the seal to find that there feces coming out small and some times quite large openings in the seal.

A lot of the times I am in bed when I notice the smell so I check the bag with my fingers to feel them coming away wet.

I got in touch with the company I get my bags from which is Salts -Medilink. They asked me to send some bags to them which I did and I ended up getting the box of bags replaced.

The bags in the seemed to be ok and so where the boxes afterwards, that is until the end of last week.

I started using the bags from a new order of 2 boxes of bags.

I found the first bag I put on only lasted about 12 hours, at least that is when I first noticed the seal had holes in it and feces was coming out, this was at about 2am while I was in bed.

I go up and change the bag just to have the same problem with it as well.  I started checking other bags before putting them on and I found that most started coming apart when I gently pulled at the seals. I started using superglue to try and make the bags last longer.

There was also bags that looked ok and didn`t come apart when tested, but, yes there always seem to be a but. After having the bags on for a short time I was finding the seal opens up right to where the bag is cut to go around my stoma to the point I was surprised the bag hadn`t total come away from the face-plate.

I contacted Salts -Medilink on the 24th Feb and I was asked to send some of the bags back to them. I also got in touch with Pelican Healthcare to let them tell them about the problem I was having with the bags.

The woman I spoke to said that they have been having problems with the bags adhesive but that they hoped the most recent bags where now alright. I told the woman the Lot number 012017 of the 2 boxes of bags that I have been using and that I found were faulty. The woman said that Lot number was of second to last Lot number and they had thought that the adhesive fault had been sorted with them, but that was found not to be the case.

She said that they had a newer Lot number 082017 was said to be fixed. She said that she would send me a box of the latest Lot number, she also said that she would send me a Jiffy bag as well and asked me to put some of the bags from the Lot number that I had found to be faulty, she said that the Jiffy bag would be with me within a couple of days. The box of replacement bags came the next day and the Jiffy bag came the following day.

 I started using the new bags that day and found their seals stayed sealed.

 I had also been in touch again with Salts-Medilink and managed to get to agree to get one of their delivery drivers to come to my house and pick-up an envelope containing a few of the faulty bags Lot number 012017. On the day the driver was to pick-up the envelope I thought that should maybe email them again to see if they wanted what was left of the 2 faulty boxes of faulty bags sent back with the driver. I was going out with my dog Jasper and I hadn`t received a reply by then so I placed the the 2 boxes with the envelope so when if the driver came when I was out and if he had been told to also pick-up the boxes then were accessible for my wife Shirley to give them to the driver. Which is what did happen while I was out with Jasper.

With Salts-Medilink getting the faulty bags back hopefully they should be able to get me replacement bags from the new fault free Lot number 082017 before the box of bags Pelican sent me runs out.

Robert Hunter