Pelican Healthcare Platinum Contour Drainable 220415 Problem

An image of hole in the seal holds the bag to the faceplate

I have been using Pelican Healthcare Platinum Contour Drainable 220415 for a few years now and up to recently I have found that they work really well. I think it must have been maybe about 6 month or so ago I started having problems with the seal around where the bag connects to the face-plate.

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About me this webste`s owner

Hi all

My name is Robert Hunter. As of writing this I am 60 years young.

I have several health problems over the years. I suppose the main one is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and from that comes the others, though the diagnoses of MS didn`t come first.

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Road signs blocking pavements 16-11-2016

Hi there

I was out on my mobility scooter at the start of the week and I had same problems using pavements but being able to due to road signs that should have been on the road where there was plenty of room but where placed on the pavement. I know the signs are only there for the length of time of the road works but that doesn`t help the people who are wanting to use the pavement “now”.

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